August 13, 2009

More EW KStew - video of shoot :D

I'm too busy grinning from all this smiley KStew crack that I have no other comment except :D

Via KStewFan

- Lorabell


  1. Okay, so I don't think Kristen is a very good actress (she's not terrible, I mean, she's awesome in some things but doesn't have much range and I thought she was awful in Twilight) and she sometimes annoys me in interviews and things... but seriously, WOW! The pictures of her from that shoot are freaking gorgeous and she seems really awesome when she's all smiley and relaxed like she in in that interview. :)

    When people say that Kristen and Rob have great chemistry, I totally don't see it (sure, they seem like cute friends in some interviews, but that's about it) but Taylor and Kristen, I totally see that - the way they are with each other is pretty much like how Jake and Bella are, the way she's all smiley around him and all that and it's adorable. It gives me a bit more faith for New Moon if Taylor is able to bring out that side of her. :)

  2. I know she is so happy, its nice when she calms down and seems relaxed....I really think it all depends on how overwhelmed she feels...i.e..comic con a jittery mess haha..But anyway Im a huge Kristen fan and I loved this interview..

  3. they are sooo cute*sigh*
    I really love them together, and the way they get along=)
    loving Kstew's hair!! missing it=(

  4. Big Sis and Little brother is what I see.!!
    Kristen is gorgeous and she is fantastic as Bella, so glad she was cast in the role.
    Taylor is cute but he is still a kid come on he's jail bate at 17.
    Kristen is a mature 19 year old woman and the waves of SEX, LUST and chemistry she has with Rob is obvious.
    Loved her comment to Taylor about his cohannas. LMAO.

  5. It's weird seeing loads of people call Taylor jailbait, here in the UK the age of consent is 16 so it doesn't seem that bad to me (I mean, I'm 20 and I'd never go there but I've known plenty of 19-21 year olds that have gone out with 17 year olds and no one is really bothered by it.) :P

    Stacy, you should watch the Comic Con interviews where she's with Taylor, she's way more laid back and relaxed and smiley in those, so yeah, I think it might be Taylor's presense (I mean, Rob is kind of like her --quiet and a bit more awkward in interviews, although he's not AS bad-- but Taylor is totally at ease and confident and cool with it, it probably doesn't feel like as much pressure when he's there) :]

    Please note, I'm not saying Taylor and Kristen are together or should be together - I just think it's cute the way they're so relaxed with each other, they seem like good friends. :]

  6. I completely agree with Wen. The adoration Kristen has for Taylor is more of a brother/sister thing.

  7. This will probably piss off the "Robsten" fans but I think Kristen and Taylor make a much nicer looking couple. They just seem to have an ease with each other that I don't see with Rob.

    Now, there I see a couple of buddies who have been thrown into an angst driven and bizarre situation and have each other to lean on. Taylor totally brings out Kristen's fun side.

    I think Krislor are a adorable! (Taysten?)

  8. I agree Wenn. I see brother and sister...they just give that vibe. I don't know. But I really can't see him as a romantic lead.
    Also people saying that she is more relaxed with Taylor...well that's just not true. I've seen so many interviews Rob and Kris did and they were always relaxed with each other.
    If anyone remembers CC last year, they could easily see it.
    Also now Rob and Kris avoid any contact because it is time to promote Taylor and every touch with Rob is like announcing Robsten haha.
    I could never see rumors about Kris and least I can't see people believing them...Taylor is much more Disney type celebrity, and he is kid while KRisten is older, more mature for her age.

    that Edward/Bella kiss from that promo we saw is enough to show how muich sexy chemistry Rob and Kristen have.
    It was HOT!

  9. Also fans are easy...they will belive everything they put in front of them.
    The promotion how she is more relaxed with Taylor started. They all forgot cool Rob and Kris interviews. Now that was natural and not forced. On last CC Kristen tried to hard to be at ease...she acted strange. It was really funny and forced. you can see when there wasn't too much rumors how cool they were....

  10. MojoPin - I'm one of the people that said she's more relaxed... but I didn't mean she's more relaxed with Taylor than Rob (although she does seem a bit more fun and smiley and more - her age?), what I meant was, when she's being interviewed with Taylor there, she's more relaxed answering the questions and doesn't seem as awkward.

    So yeah, that's what I meant, not that Rob and Kristen aren't relaxed with each other, just that Kristen is more relaxed doing interviews with Taylor than with Rob (or it comes across that way.)

    I couldn't see Kristen and Taylor as a couple either (or Rob and Kristen for that matter), I just see friends when I look at them but that might just be because I don't really care if they're dating each other but with people that want Rob and Kristen or Kristen and Taylor together, they'll read into every little action and comment to see what they want to see. =/

  11. I'm old enough to be their mother - to all of them except Peter and Liz (oy).

    I'm not easily swayed by marketing and promotion of any kind, especially seeing as I am a marketing person!

    I just calls 'em as I sees 'em.

    To each their own....

  12. I agree with those who see brohter and sister vibe. I also think that she isn't more relaxed now, there are tons of videos with Rob where she was really natural and relaxed. Now it seems strange, fake even. I miss Twilight days.
    Also now if she even leans in to Rob everyone will go crazy...which is sad, but what can they do.
    I personally thing that something is going on between Rob and Kris and they are extra careful now.


  13. Dude!!! MEGA jealosue!!! Im team Jacob and i felt so jealous when she was like all playing around with him Dude i love taylor launter like im serious!!!! *Sigh* He lloked so beautiful in this shoot!!! :'( :D

    i love her haha
    and him

    thanks for posting.
    what do they mean buying her clothes?
    where can you buy her clothes?!?!!
    please answerrr :D

  15. My gawd he is amazing. I never get enough of him.


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