August 29, 2009

Wolfpack Reveals: Not readin' the blogs +Embarrassing Moments with KStew

The Wolfpack divulged some interesting deets at NJ TwiCon this weekend. MTV shares a taste of what Kiowa Gordon, Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer dished during their hour-long Q&A session:

One thing the trio tries not to do when preparing to film is read the blogs.

"For the first two weeks, when it came out I was in the Wolf Pack, I did it," Meraz said. "I was in my trailer [saying], 'People like me! People like me!' " But the gleam quickly wore off and negative comments began to bug the actor. "By Googling myself, I'm not going to find anything I like," he said, adding, "I'm arguing with an 8-year-old!"

Onstage the affable trio shared an obvious rapport, crediting some of their bond to cuddling on-set to keep warm during rain-drenched shirtless scenes. They shared several funny anecdotes from filming "New Moon," including Meraz's embarrassing moment with Kristen Stewart.

"I decided, all right, the Wolf Pack stay up all night looking for who's killing people on the res, so we don't sleep very much. So I thought it would be a great idea if I stayed up for 10 days straight." What should have been a simple scene — a confrontation between Bella (Stewart) and the Wolf Pack — became, in Meraz's mind, his "Brando moment." Wanting to try something different, the actor played the scene overly aggressive: screaming, grabbing Stewart by the throat, hurtling his line at her.

"[Director] Chris Weitz comes off-set like, 'Yeah, I like the energy Alex, but just take it down a little,' " Spencer chimed in: "Meanwhile the producers are freaking out back there."

" 'Cause nobody touches Kristen Stewart," joked Meraz.

Read the rest at MTV.


  1. *please be on the DVD. please be on the DVD* (:

  2. Saw Bronson and Chaske in Minneapolis. Bought Bronson a drink he graciously accepted even though his drinks were compt. I felt like a dumb*** but he came and sat at our table. He was easy to talk to and down to earth. Excited to see them in New Moon.

  3. BTW he ordered and vodka cran.

  4. All I can say is I'm so HAPPY they don't read the blogs because I would be mortified if Alex Meraz knew I said I want to bump uglies with him.

    Sadly, that pales in comparison to the shiz I've said about RPattz. He doesn't read the blogs, right? Right?! lol

  5. LOL i could just imagine the look on kristen's face we her grabbed her neck! lol

  6. I can't stand KStew's acting, but that was pretty douchey of Alex to do. He sounds like a tool.

    Hot as hell, but a bit of a tool.

  7. Amanda u lucky girl! I didn't realize Bronson was old enough-lol. I would have liked to buy Chaske a drink myself. =)

  8. Hey! Amanda! You were at my table! You were amazing! Thanks for buying Bronson the drink... we were the "cool" table that night! Oh yes we were!

  9. If I remember right Bronson is 23 but def looks 17. And Chaske was to cool for school and declined the drink because they werent suppose to be drinking. Chaske watched us from a across the room looking at Bronson like what the heck is he doing (like the leader of a pack or something)LOL. And Jen thats crazy which one were you at the table?


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