August 13, 2009

Teen Vogue Premiere Sweepstakes: Win a Chance to go to the New Moon Premiere

Teen Vogue & Conde Nast invite you to enter to win a chance to attend the New Moon premiere. If you haven't already submitted your entry, here is a reminder! Enter Teen Vogue Premiere Sweepstakes here.

What up with the creepy background music on the site?

Thanks, Sharon!


  1. The background are the woods that symbolize her longing and solitude.

  2. WAAAAHH !!! USA only yet again !! :(

  3. why only USA? :(:( should be worldwide :D:D, i know it would cost more money to fly me from Dublin to LA, but still :):)

  4. NOT FAIR!!! i can't believe it's US only, i got well excited when i first saw it!! not im soooo disappointed!! :(

  5. i checked this out ages ago and was very upset that it was only open to the US.
    (i think the english should at least be included, seeing as we gave them robert pattinson)!


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