August 11, 2009

Who wore what at the TCAs

Radar Online have compiled a "who wore what" gallery if you want to find out where to get Ashley's skirt, Nikki's dress or Kristen's... outfit!

I just wanted another excuse to post a pic of KStew rocking it out - enjoy :)

- Lorabell


  1. Me too! Her skirt looks painful. LOVE it. :0)

  2. Love the whole outfit- Does the black shirt act as a slip for the skirt? Too cute and very age appropriate!!

  3. More appropriate than Miley Cyrus. Miley looked like a total slut. Kstew ROCKS!!!!!

  4. IMHO Kristen and Ashley were both rockin in their respective outfits. I wasn't diggin Nikki's at all. The sleeves were puffy. Nikki was also too orange.

  5. haha i think the skirt is to fend off any grabbers that may have been lurking around ;)

  6. She has an amazing sense of style. And like Rob she seems to be able to pull off anything she is wearing.


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