August 2, 2009

Well hellooo Taylor's biceps!

Clicky for zoom

This is for all you Team Jacob fans - but only because a Jacob poster was missing ... and muscles like this are too good not to share ;)

Don't ask Taylor to growl... but I wonder if he'll flip?

From TMZ

- Lorabell


  1. Oh , yum!Del-ish!Cover that smexy beast with whip cream and with pleasure i will eat it off him =]

  2. Oh BOY!! But in these pics doesn't look like a BOY!! TAYLOR'S GOT IT GOING ON!!

  3. The sheer hotness of Taylor makes me think that I should be in the gym and not sitting here at the computer gawking at a juvenile.

  4. Its funny how all of you old people gawk over Taylor and he is only 17, I how ever can gawk over him as much as I want and not feel like a creeper about it, haha!! :)

    By the way, I absolutely love love love Taylor!! He is so freakin' GOURGEOUS!!! :)


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