August 23, 2009

Weitz Impressed with Young New Moon Cast Talent :-)

Chris Weitz was spotted with his cute family in Vancouver (why's he still there?), and had some really nice things to say about working with the young New Moon cast:
Weitz was asked about the private screening for the cast etc that took place last weekend. It was a rough, unedited cut of New Moon. No score, obviously still requiring a lot of work. But he talked passionately about how impressed he was with his young actors. That they could all stand up next to the veterans he’s worked with. Said they were all amazing, surprised at how well they performed, and singled out Taylor Lautner as the one with the most potential out of them all.
See more pics at Lainey.


  1. Vancouver in August is pretty, a vacation with the family .

    How nice of him to mention the cast in such an admirable way.
    Taylor huh.hmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. I never knew of Taylor before twilight. I can't wait to see what he will do after the series in complete. :)

  3. I agree. Vancouver in August is very beautiful. There are many beautiful spots in B.C. Maybe he wanted to take the time to explore them.

  4. Also it could be that "New Moon" is in post production. There is alot of post production work that can be done in Vancouver.

  5. I highly doubt Chris is vacationing. He said he was panicing because the final cut is due October 30th, or somthing like that. Thats not much time to edit together New Moon and tie together all the loose ends.

  6. I am surprised that he would single out any
    of the cast for more praise. Makes me wonder
    if the word potential has a silent meaning as
    in has the most to learn.

  7. i would believe this if there's a video, but a write up like this & coming from lainey(?!)singling out taylor? i dont think CW will be that insensitive towards his other actors. but then again, its all part of the promo thingy so...


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