August 26, 2009

Was Catherine trying to tell us something?!

"Anonymous" commented a link to the video on my The most perfect New Moon song ever post the other day... at first I was just like "nice video" but, you know, another fan video. Then, it made me think (for the FIRST time - gah!) that Edward is always leaving Bella in Twilight!

Check it:

He hurries out of Biologiy
He pushes past when trying to switch his schedule
(He then runs away to Alaska)
He marches away from her in the school corridor
He bounds off after saving her from the van
He storms off at the hospital
He rushes off in the conservatory
He climbs away into the bus
He speeds away when admitting to being a vamping
He keeps trying to distance himself from her before the meadow
He stomps off at the lake
He runs into his car when Billy's driving up
He pushes himself off Bella when kissing gets out of control

Did I miss any?!

Dude, Bella should've seen it coming, lol!

- Lorabell


  1. You gotta go, you gotta go!

  2. Ha ha ha! Lorabell, you are totally right! LOL! Why the hell was she even surprised? ;)

  3. nice video, kind of sad for me! But come on!! We know that each time Edward tried to leave was because he didn't want to put her in danger! Because deep down he knew how dangerous it was for her to be with him!! But he couldn't help himself because he loved her so much!!
    Edward: "I don't have the strength to stay away from you any more"
    Bella: "Then don't"
    Need I say more? :)

  4. better yet.. WHY WERE WE SURPRISED!?? hahah everybody says that the first time they read new moon they were sad and werent expecting him to leave....according to this. we should have seen it coming too!! hahah

  5. see now i'm Team Edward...but i really believe that bella is probably better with Mike or something cause Edward and Jacob aren't good for her. sigh...

  6. well honestly we know he was doing it to save her...he thought being around him made her in danger every second. obviously at the end of new moon he gives that up since he can't stand to be away from her. but the whole walking away thing is to keep her safe.


    its the key to making any relationship work. Edward and Bella have none. UGH!

  8. Bella's beter off with Eric, cause u know Kristen likes geeks :-).

  9. Catherine wasn't telling us anything- it was Stephanie!!
    LOL Lorabell- she should have seen it coming!!

  10. If you want to count this one-in the movie he also leaves her for a minute at prom to go park the

  11. This video makes me so sad! It's true, we all should have seen this coming, however, I still managed to cry throughout most of New Moon as Edward's departure was totally unexpected, for me anyway.

  12. wowww! that's truee!! OMG ....
    mmmm i thinking... hahhaha

  13. That song is from the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley ^^
    Amazing movie :D Amazing music (L)
    xx Lieke

  14. LOL Lorabell!

    I guess I'm not very perceptive either 'cuz I was dumbfounded too when he left her! All the signs were there, I guess she was too busy being dazzled

  15. Edward totally shuts down in the jeep when they're leaving the baseball game, he's kind of distant in the balley studio when you think about it, he tries to leave Bella in the hospital, he's tense in the kissing scene at the prom...

    If we put it the other way around: When is Edward happy and relaxed? I can only think about the scene when he asks her to come to the Cullen house, probably at the Cullen house, in the beginning of the baseball game and the indoor prom scenes...I think that's it.

  16. Great track but I pictured carriages racing around from pride and prejudice lol.

  17. Definitely made me think of Darcy and Elizabeth, but that's fine with me :)

    I love the way the Twilight scenes were black and white and the New Moon scenes were full color. Catherine's style of using the blue filter over most of her movie, giving us that dreary washed out look is totally opposite of Chris Weitz style of completely saturated warm colors. Putting Twilight in b&w just makes that difference even more obvious, making Edward's "departures" that much more intense. Love it!

    PS-Have to say, I knew ol Ed was a runner, it was part of the reason I didn't immediately fall in love with the storyline. He was demanding, impatient, running away and controlling. Let's just say, I came around ;)

  18. ...and that is exactly why I am Team Jacob.

  19. Like Allison I never felt quite sure about him after Twilight too. So I wasn't that surprised when he left in New Moon, but it still HURT to read that book.

    But all this running away from Bella, isnt that also a part in why she's so intrigued? And why she'll do basically anything to keep them together? Though it's so stupid, girls have a tendency to chase and try to hold on to the ones, who keeps running away.

  20. I remember the first time I read Twilight, I always saw Bella as "following" Edward around like a puppy or something. But in her defense who wouldn't follow around a beautiful inigma like Edward? I'd stalk em'

  21. In the book he leavs Bella because he wants her to have a human life.Thats why he leavs her because he is always puting her life in danger when he is with her.So he gos away so she can be safe. you should go to youtube and look the song up i cant live lyrics by Justin Guarini he wrote the song to tell how Edward is filling after he gos away its a good song.The first time i was reading New moon i got so mad i flung the book at my wall lol and then like 20 sec later i got up and got it and started readin it again.


  23. oh and this video also has a part in the movie outtakes that i have never seen and i have seen bolth of the dvds in the twilight movei i was in shock when i seen this

  24. Yeah we should have seen it coming...LOL
    When i frist read new moon and edward lef and she started hanging with jacob i was like yhhh!!!
    But then edward came back ):
    When i finished the other 2 i like YEAH !!! all over again...LOL
    Im on team jacob but the twilight saga is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me...(:

    Love the vid it is so true.


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