August 30, 2009

Vera arrives in Vancity

Lainey reports that Sabrina Frank - winner of the German reality show for a role in Eclipse will be playing Vera - Rosalie's human "plain" friend.

Lol, it's going to sound wrong but, I actually think this is really good casting :)

Thanks AshleyTWA

- Lorabell


  1. Its a way better choice than that hoe

  2. so she WON a role? woah, lucky. I actually do think she will be pretty good. not how i pictured but pretty good!

  3. she is an actual actress, too, not just some crazy Twifan...

  4. She's cute. Not how I imagined Vera. I actually thought of her way more plain. But she'll do :)

  5. When I imagined Vera I instantly thought of the girl who played Cecily from Buffy (Spike's crush when he was still William, before Angel turned him into "William the Bloody) :0)


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