August 18, 2009

Twilight Stars using their newfound Celebrity for Charity

MTV gives a quick rundown on the charity work that Ashley, Jackson, Michael Welch, Christian Serratos and other Twilight stars are doing -- leveraging their newfound fame to support good causes.
Jackson Rathbone for Spencer Bell Memorial
Many Twilighters are big fans of Jackson's band 100 Monkeys. But in addition to simply rocking out, the Monkeys have the higher purpose of paying tribute to a friend and musician who died of cancer in 2006. "We've been doing a lot of work to keep the Spencer Bell legacy alive through," Rathbone said. "Our friend was an amazing poet, artist, musician and lyricist, and we're putting out an album of his." That record, Live & Wasted, is now on sale, along with bracelets that help raise funds to fight cancer. "I can't tell you how many letters we get in our fan mail for the band that say how much Spencer has touched their lives and how they had family members pass away from cancer," Rathbone said. "We're lucky to have all his music. He's immortal. His soul is in his music, and that's one thing I firmly believe in as an artist. You're blessed to live eternally in your art."
Read it all at MTV.


  1. Jackson is so humble along with all the cast mates!! I'm glad they do something to give back that is close to their hearts. Makes ya love him even more.

  2. aaw Jackson is amazing and so is Ash<3 and the others. I love them so much.

  3. This would be WAY nicer if he would have actually been at the Spencer Bell Legacy show last Saturday!!!! The rest of the 100 Monkeys were there...but no Jackson. He did call Jared's phone in the middle of the show and said hi to everyone and thanked us for supporting the Spencer Bell Legacy, so that was nice.


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