August 4, 2009

Twilight Fever's Staying Power: Twilight Saga Eclipses Potter Sales Records

USA Today reports that Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga has surpassed sales records previously held by the Harry Potter series:
Meyer's domination of the list for the past 12 months has smashed records that until now had belonged to J.K. Rowling.

Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the teen-vampire romance series, entered the list at No. 1 on Aug. 2, 2008. Its sales and those of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, the first three books, have remained staggering.

This week, Meyer's novels are Nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7 on USA TODAY's list.

Rowling, overall, has sold more books than Meyer — her seven-book series about boy wizard Harry Potter has 143 million copies in print in the USA, while Meyer has sold 40 million copies of her four books. But Rowling can't match Meyer's control of the list.

Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the two authors' fourth installments, entered the list at No. 1, but Meyer's series has had more staying power.

Read the rest here. Congrats, Stephenie!


  1. And somewhere in Maine, Stephen King seethes.

    Congratulations to you, Stephenie! And thank you, from us! We're so glad you've been successful and that you shared Edward and Bella (and crew) with us.

  2. @TCA, LOL - - I couldn't help it . . .

  3. haha i owe this woman so much...
    imagine if she had decided never to release twilight :O
    actually, i'm trying not to imagine that!

  4. if stephenie never release twilight, my house would be so much cleaner.

  5. If Stephenie had never released Twilight, I wouldn't have had all those lovely dreams of Edward. Hehe

  6. Congrats Steph and everybody else who's a twilight fan.

    But But But I still think Potter books are better than twilight saga as a piece of literature. Hate me for it, but sitting here in India away from all the hype and hoopla, I can say that Potter books are better in every way.

    And this doesn't mean that I dnt like Twilight Saga. I absolutely love it but......

    Does anyone know the record in worldwide sales????? Just curious


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