August 24, 2009

Twilight Cast's HQ Comic Con Portraits

Lion & Lamb Love has HQ versions of the Twilight Cast's Comic-Con portraits, which you can check out here.


  1. I realized something like a bruise on kristens tummy If u zoom the pic you can see it is next to her tshirt's knot.just curious what could have been happened..

  2. ashley greene is too gorgeous for words and obviosuly so is rob :)
    maybe kristen is pregnant with a vampire-child (;


  3. Lorabell,
    Thanks for the daily dose of Rob/ Edward. BTW, how long have you been married? My hubbie is super patient with my I made "Supermassive Black Hole" his ring tone ;-). Also, can you tell me where you posted the meaning of FNAR? It is always on target and I get the gist but want to be able to give other Americans the real definition!

  4. @Steph,

    Hi Steph! This is TCA. There are actually 2 of us gals blogging (me & Lorabell), but I haven't figured out how to turn on the thingy that identifies who's posting what. :-)

    My husband is only mildly aware of my obsession. i don't really talk about it or my blog. :) Mr. TCA is good about it...

    Re: FNAR -- Lorabell (who's in the UK; I'm in the US) once wrote: "In the UK it's just an expression which equals the American "dayum!" as in "Dayum, I totally would - fnar!"

  5. Anyone else notice how Rob seems to smile so much more now that he's back from New York? I love the pictures of Emile and Rob on a random stoop, she's staring at him and he's totally oblivious to her, she stands up and walks away. LOL! Poor Emile! But now that he's back with his friends he's smiling and happier. Yeah, my Twilight friends makes me that way too, Rob.

  6. WHY, HELLLLLO NEW BACKROUND. /crops out most of KStew


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