August 6, 2009

"Twilight Beauties" Rachelle, Nikki, Ashley and Noot in Glamour

Clicky for bigDoes this look like a Dove ad to anyone else? ;)

Strangely, for an actual fashion model, I think Noot's last on my list here... huh.

Check out Glamour for details on the girls' beauty tips - thanks Jaime

- Lorabell


  1. they all look weird from the airbrushing....


  2. Guess Noot should not let that particular shot of her nose, be taken. ,-)


  3. I think Rachelle stole the photo!! she looks amazing

  4. Nikki on photoshop just does NOT work for her. Ashley and Rachelle look great, on the other hand! Totally agree with 'Alice's Aunt' on that they should not allow that nose take.

  5. Why is Noot in the picture and not KS or Esme(her real name is ecscaping me at the moment) This guys are the core cast members- how the hell in Noot getting so much publicity? you even have her talking about flying and crying? Who cares.

  6. Rachelle looks great here! She's the most vibrant I think. Nikki looks good too. Ashley looks great but I don't like that she looks somewhat "smooshed" by Noot. And then that feather looking thing or whatever it is makes her look like she has no neck. She just seems cramped in this pic. I don't think Noot is pretty, at least not from this pic. Sorry, just my opinion. And yeah, I agree with Heidi Ho. Why is Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) not in here instead of Noot?

  7. Ashley and Rachelle look gorgeous, Nikki..not so much.

  8. apart from rachelle it's not really a great picture of any of them. especially not noot. but i agree heidi ho... why is she getting so much publicity??

  9. Ashley and Rachelle looks so gorgeous!!!

    They will always be my favorite Twilight girls =O)


  10. i love Ashley's solo pic <33 she looks gorgeous.
    Rachelle and Noot are pretty too.


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