August 8, 2009

TCA Seating: Girl - Boy - Stupid Lamb - Masochistic Lion...

From MTV Movie Awards

According to E! RPattz and KStew are seated next to each other at next week's Teen Choice Awards - whether anyone is inbetween them (fnar) or that this means that they'll be:

a) Holding hands
b) Mackin' out
c) Emse Isling it up
d) All of the above and then some

remains to be seen ;)

Also in their row:

Jackson Rathbone
, Justin Chon, Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed. Director Catherine Hardwicke is directly behind them... Sadly, it looks like Rachelle Lefevre will be skipping the festivities.
- Lorabell

P.s. When did the Teen Choice Awards get use of "TCA"? Chuh!


  1. OOOOH This is the better TCA CHYEAH!
    thats a pretty pic of Kstew:)
    i wonder what theyll be like at the awards.. they kept swiching seats and giggling at the MTV movie awards hehe :D

  2. This is an old photo right?
    cause that says Cam Gigandet..

  3. I bet they'll come out as a couple at this ceremony. Pretty sure they're gonna make the secret officially no longer a secret. Com'on with evidences of the last days in LA.

  4. will the Teen Choice Awards be shown in England or is it just America? :(

  5. I don't blame Rachelle. I wouldn't go either.

  6. i wish rachelle was there i think that she was the perfect victoria in the movie but if i was her i wouldn't want to go also

  7. Why wouldn't Ashley be in front? She's up for an award?! As far as RP and KS being together they have to rehearse their script for Eclipse.

  8. Kate, Cam is up for best fight with Rob so that is why he is there...
    I'm so happy Jackson will be there, he wasn't there at MTV. I wouldn't go either if I was Rachelle. Does anyone know if it will be shown in the UK or will we have to use youtube? Thanks!

  9. I can't wait for the Twi-Crack Addict awards! You should copyright those letters in that order, heh.

  10. Ashley's up for the Fresh Face Award (I think it's call Fresh Face). It was on the interview she did with Good Day LA.


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