August 14, 2009

Taylor Lautner's Trainer Talks Getting In Shape & What Kind of Gal Taylor Likes

Taylor Lautner Daily has an interview with Taylor's trainer, Jordan Yuam. Go to TDL to check it out!


  1. Really tired of hearing about taycob and his training...isn't there anything else he can talk about?

  2. I'm a brunette , i'm an out going person ,I'm ADORKABLE , funny , crazy in times , nice , I make ppl laugh and i'm a good , nice ,person to be around to talk and hang out with.And at the future well not at the future now i'm planning to start a singing or acting career or both or either start a band.

  3. I dunno but for some reason my gay-dar goes off whenever I hear Jacob speak. I have pretty good gay-dar....


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