August 31, 2009

Putting the Kibosh on Rumors: Tanya is NOT in Eclipse

Lopilato & Michael Buble

Twilight Lexicon confirms that a recent Argentinian website incorrectly reported that Luisana Lopilato was cast in Eclipse as Tanya. In fact, Tanya doesn't appear in Eclipse:
It turns out despite the fact that it’s being reported as fact in various quarters that it’s just plain rumor and nothing more. We confirmed with Summit that Luisana Lopilato in not invovled in Eclipse.
Read more here.


  1. Thank you, Slade was this close to blowing his good casting choices up to this point.

  2. Thank god.
    Now let's pray for her no to be on BD either. PLEASE.

  3. What a relief...

  4. Hi!, what a relief, jaja, I think that the best actress for Tanya's role, is Blake Lively.

  5. thank you, im from argentina and she can't act...she is such a bad actress

  6. just the thought of her acting on eclipse made me die a little, she should stick to her almost pornographic underwear catalogs, she's one photo shoot away from paying back her debt to her plastic surgeon.


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