August 29, 2009

Sneak peek NM lines from Twilight Beauty?

The newly launched Twilight Beauty site seems to give us a sneak peek into some lines from New Moon...

When I first read them, a couple were very familiar but the others I couldn't place... it didn't occur to me that it could be because they're lines from the movie - doy!

We all know Edward's "I can't live in a world in which you don't exist" but, am I mistaken, or are the others new:

"I just wanted to look at you for as long as I could" - Bella

"I knew it would come to this" - Rosalie

"I've already seen you open it and guess what? You love it. You're gonna wear it to your party tonight" - Alice

"We never got enough of each other.... we would have forever to try" - Victoria

Now, if only they would add sound bites on top like the New Moon site ;)

Thanks Ash!

- Lorabell


  1. Yeah I think they're new, yay! The Victoria one is beautiful even though it's from her and Rosalie's is ominous?! I love the Alice one, glad that they are actually bringing her shopping/fashion addiction to this film. I love Alice :) x

  2. Isn't Alice's line on the book??? I could swear I've read it before, or maybe it's just a typical thing Alice would say so that's why it sounds familiar, but the other ones are new!

  3. I think she says something similar but not exactly word for word. Yes it's a very 'Alice' thing to say lol! :)

  4. Nothing is available until 9/20! I want it now!

  5. I'm almost positive the Alice one is in the book.

  6. alice's one is in the book and i'm pretty sure Victoria's one's from Midnight Sun. I've definitely seen it before anyway.

  7. Alice says something similar in Eclipse when she brings the outfit for graduation to Bella when they make the link between the missing blouse and the newborns but she doesn't say about it being for the party that night. And Midnight Sun doesn't go up to the point where they meet Victoria. x

  8. She doesn't give Bella an outfit to wear for her birthday party in New Moon. (Very un-Alice like but she doesn't regardless) x

  9. The bella one is from the book. But i think its more a thought...
    Wait could be eclipse, iunno its when edward comes over while shes on house arrest :P

    orr when theyre watching romeo and juliet.

    I THINK.

  10. Bella's could be at the end, where she trid to look at Edward for as long as possible, thinking he's leaving again.
    Alice is might be a birthday present, given at school, before the party.
    And Rosalie's may be after Jasper tries to attack Bella.
    Victoria ?? We don't really see her in the book :/

  11. Just so you guys know these were all in the NM script. i found it online. and i think these pics and all the trailers confirm it was rea. everything in there was in the trailers and the i read the script like when they finished filming NM so they couldnt have used the bits from that. the website was like or something. but its real


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