August 25, 2009

Shannon Woodward to star as Jackson's 'Girlfriend' + Talks Twilight

Shannon hangin' with RPattz awhile back

Shannon Woodward will star as Candy in Girlfriend, the 2010 movie that Jackson Rathbone will be starring in and producing. Here is a quick excerpt from MTV's interview with Shannon:

How are all the characters' stories going to connect?

Well, I mean, Jackson and I, we were kind of high school sweethearts, and now we've got this very broken, strained, ex-kind of relationships, where the relationship still exists but its very fragmented now ... it gets more difficult to explain [laughs].

Had you met Jackson before?

I have not met Jackson. I've heard good things about him.

Are you ready for all the "Twilight" hysteria that's going to follow you now that you're connected to someone who stars in the vampire franchise?

Oh gosh. No no, but Id be honored. I should be so lucky for people to care.

How do you feel about the fact that this project could be getting extra attention just because its connected to "Twilight"?

I think its great. This is an art film, and if it introduces a new audience to a film they wouldn't have seen for any other reason, then I think that that's a great thing. I think that there are a lot of teenagers who would be interested in "Twilight" who are also interested in seeing interesting dark, gritty movies.

Have you seen "Twilight"?

Have I seen "Twilight"? Who hasn't? Of course Ive seen it! [Laughs]

Read the rest at MTV.


  1. She stole papa Smurf's hat- but I know this was in the spring- so you would wear a hat then!!
    I don't know who she is or what she has been in.

  2. I've seen her in a few tv shows and a small part in a few movies, and I've always like her; she manages to present a fully rounded character in the few lines she's got.


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