August 20, 2009

Schmexy Rob from Rome

Clicky for bigger - let's face it, why wouldn't you?!"You. Come here... now!"

"I think I smell fine - mmm, musky!"

I actually can't decide who looks prettier!

*Love* how demure Kristen is here

"Say what, KStew?!"

I saved the best till last...

Wait for it...

No, seriously, hold on to your panties...


Ughhh... *thud*


See lots more great new/old photos from the Rome premiere of Twilight at ROBsessed

- Lorabell

NB: Fnar = yummy!


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  2. Oh Lorabell, your 'F-N-A-R' there had me snorting. It was however a mix of both a 'Haha, so funny' snort, and a 'Holy flipping Jesus!' snort. Pheweeeeeeeee.

  3. Haha I luv you and your fnar's Lorabell!

    Is it possible for a forehead to be sexy?! -- I know weird, lol! Fore-porn

  4. just started looking at this site..what is a fnar? lol

  5. @ Aon:
    fnar: for no apparent reason

    But clearly Lorabell's awesome supposed fnars ARE actually for a reason: fovp (for our viewing pleasure) LOL!

  6. Thanks Lorabell- want to kiss that forehead and then those little hairs on that chest and then... oh

  7. ha. i thought they were wearing stethoscopes at first...

  8. ohhhhHHhhhhhmygod.

    Seriously. Is there a way to see this as a video? Like, there had to be a taping of this, right????

    So hot.

  9. Team Chest Hair. It's so sexy. mmmhhh... I'm from the 80s, can you tell. ;)

  10. Rob's Rome picture are some of the best photos ever taken, probably because they were in the days before he realized that this was not a one day wonder, and he was happy and relaxed!!!
    But the man is so gorgeous, it just isn't fair there isn't more of him to go around.
    KStew is so lucky!


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