August 26, 2009

Scenes You Most Want to See (a.k.a. Another Excuse to Plug for the Leg Hitch)

MTV's Hollywood Crush muses on the 5 scenes they most want to see in upcoming New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn scene, which include:

4. JACOB GETS HIS GIRL (Renesmee?)

2. THE TENT (Icy Edward + Jacob Space Heater Drams)


You can read all the deets at MTV.

Yes, I loves these too, but once again, gotta add HEADBOARD-Busting HONEYMOON Scene + Schmexy Leg Hitch to the list.


  1. My list

    1. Schmexy Leg Hitch
    2. Headboard busting Honeymoon Scene
    3. The wedding
    4. Bella and Edwards first night in the cottage!

    okay, is there something wrong with me? I insist I am a totally respectable wife....

  2. Can we talk about the fact that the five scenes which they have listed are all pivotal scenes? You can't tell the story without these scenes,so wouldn't it be more fun to compile a list of those scenes that the fans want to see (the guilty pleasure scenes)?

  3. I agree, agree, agree, agree...haha I just want to see it all! I'm going to read the schmexy leg thing because I don't remember when was it...the wedding, the honeymoon: when they're in the beach, the morning after their first night, the bruises, when she wakes up as a vampire and when they see the cottage and spend the night togehter as husband and wife and of course vampires! Ohhh I can't wait to see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!!!!! Anon there is nothing wrong with you...blame it on Stephanie for writing these books and Summit for bringing them into our lifes! No matter what we are great wives/girlfriends...this is just part of our secret hahaha

  4. Kitty - I agree and that is more what my list was above...totally guilty pleasure list for sure. :)

    Ismarie - THANK YOU! ;)

  5. when was the schmexy leg thing some help pliz

  6. Ismarie the schmexy leg hitch is in Eclipse when Bella wakes to find herself in Edward's new bed and he has returned home from hunting :o)

    I want to see it Although would be quite happy not to see the sleeping bag scene or the jake/bella kiss in Eclipse... :oP

  7. haha sometimes this blog is like a group support!! hahaha we share somethings that no one else would understand! hahaha Ohh by the way my Twilight blu-ray died :-( pleaseee let me know were I can buy a new one with those special features and if there is a blu-ray with the 3 disk thing or something like that! hehe Ohh and I agree Kitty...these scenes are the most important scenes we need to see it's like the whole point in their relationship!


    is it really so much to ask?


  9. I totally agree with Anon: 3:32 LoL I want all of those too, plus the tent scene LoL ;) I hope they put them, the movies just won't be the same :(

  10. I'm just afraid that they will be cutting out all 'non-essential' scenes in order to get the story down to 1.5 - 2 hours. As much as I LOVED Twilight, they didn't really get in the little things that really drove that relationship in the first place. Just scared that it will happen again. Hopefully with the bigger budget and knowing that they DO have an audience, they will make these next ones longer and put in more of the stuff we are all excited about seeing!

  11. If we get to see the leg hitch action in Eclipse and the honeymoon action oh I'll be on cloud nine.

  12. In Eclipse where they get a night away from everyone at the Cullen house and are alone together, I think its where the leg part is.....

    Isle Esme, pre prego.

    Cant wait, aaaahhhhh!!!!!

  13. I really liked in Breaking Dawn, the start of the honeymoon, where Edward was waiting for Bella in the water, and all the things she went through before she went out to meet him.

  14. OCD, the leg hitch in before the night away from everyone at the Cullen house. It is right after the fight with Jacob when he said he would prefer her dead to becoming a vampire, and she rides the motorcycle back to the Cullen house and Edward returns from hunting and they are in the new bed.

  15. ohh i totally agree.
    i really hope for the part where jacob first sees renesmee and he imprints on her though, that she wont be glowing or something. that might be on the stupid side

  16. Oddly enough, I want to see the birth scene. I'd also like to see her eat that half raw chicken from the fridge.

    I'm also waiting for the headboard breaking scene.

  17. I want Chris to be the director of BD! I think he did an amazing job in NM! I don't care if I have to stay 3 hours in the theater like Titanic as long as they stay true to the book! I love Twilight but they cut a lot of details and you feel kind of lost! I hope they pay attention to us and what we want!


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