August 27, 2009

Digging THIS Batman: RPattz's Vampilicious French Premiere Cover

Love the Bat t-shirt! Source via ROBsessed. Twilight-France provides us with a translation:
"An exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson, where he speaks about the Twilight phenomenon and the way he manages his lightning popularity, as well as six pages on the shooting of New Moon. The journalist of Première Magazine was the only one in France to go on the set in Montepulciano, where he was lucky to observe the shooting during two days and to meet Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Chris Weitz and the producers Patrick Wachsberger and Wyck Godfrey.

There is also a funny crossed interview with Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore, who have two or three accounts to be settled with Rob... Without forgetting two new pics of the film (a world exclusivity)."


  1. Upss haha here's the cover!! hahaha Soo hot and sexy!!!! I can't even keep my eyes out of this photo...that jaw kills me! and those eyes uhhh! Thanks!

  2. He is just one of those people I love to look at! How is he that good looking? drooooollll

  3. How can we get our mitts on one of these in the U.S.???? Must.Have.One.

  4. My goodness, Rob is pure hotness!!
    The jaw and the stare are amazing.

    I can´t wait to see the other pics and the inteview.

  5. P.s. *regains conciousness enough to say* Holy Hotness, Batman!

  6. BE STILL MY HEART <3 ugh I. Am. Died.

  7. oh GEEZ. that picture. that man. how am i going to get anything done today now...I will keep coming back to the computer to look at this. serious jaw porn. love it.

  8. hahaha Anonym you're not alone! Everytime I see there's something new here I come to see this beautiful thing called Robert Pattinson! haha I'm getting ashamed! I feel like a 13 year old hahaha

  9. Jawporn: Check

    Perfectly tousled sex hair: Check

    Dazzle stare: Check

    Ooohhh Peek-a-boo necklace: Check

    Batman shirt?: Check

    Yup.....simply sexy perfection ;)


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