August 26, 2009

RPattz Tops Everybody's Ultimate Hotties List -- Maybe even your Grams' list :-)

The most surprising / interesting thing about EW's Ultimate Hotties list isn't that RPattz is Numero Uno, but the accompanying quote:
I am 65 years old and nuts about Rob Pattinson. I have seen Twilight too many times to count. He is so hot! The only excuse I have is that he is really 108 years old, not too old for me! —Pamela Leach


  1. We need to come up with a new word that means both "eeewwww!" and "awesome!"

  2. Well, actually Grandma, love ya in all but Robert Pattinson is 23 years old and EDWARD CULLEN is 108 years old. There is a difference!

  3. hahaha come on girls! let her be happy! the most important thing: Rob is hot and everyone recognize it!

  4. Why "ewwww"? That bothered me. Seriously.

    Keep in mind that not all Rob/Twilight fans are teens or barely out of them.

    I think Rob should read the book, "In Praise of Older Women". In fact, I would love to give it to him personally ;-).

  5. Its only fair:

    There are so many gross, old men who lust after younger women.

    I think its cute that Pamela's a Twi/Pattinson fan! Its not actually like she's gonna bang him.

    My Gran has a thing for Leonardo Dicaprio ;)

  6. I am a 46 yr old devoted Twilight/Rob Pattinson fan and I must say I have seen a many of gorgeous guys in my lifetime but there is just something different about Robert... he is just to damn beautiful and I must add there is no one who can compete with that!!!

  7. He has that seX factor... um ..I mean X factor and that's attractive to everyone young old and in b/w

  8. I think it's both weird *and* fun to say you're 65 and "nuts" about a 23-year-old actor, hence the 'eeewww and awesome' comment.
    Can't help it - - it's both strange and wonderful. And kind of funny. But I like funny.

    And @twilightislife, I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    "ewwsome,' it is!! Good one.

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