August 23, 2009

RPattz "Bad Mother's" Screen-Caps

What better way to start Sunday than with some classic adorkable Rob from The Bad Mother's Hand-Book black and white caps?!

I can't think of one - the floppy hair, the velvet jacket, the stuttering, the gangliness, the jam! - I *heart* Rob in this movie :)

Thanks Thinking of Rob

- Lorabell


  1. 3 = ADORKABLE!!! i love it (L)x

  2. thinking about it, i saw an advert for this on tv a loooong time ago, had i known rob was in it i probably would of watched it but saying that, i wasnt a crazy twi crack head then. oh to be young and unobsessed.

  3. Oh Yeah, I luv me some herds (hot nerds). & Luv'n the glasses.

  4. herds paha!! x


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