August 21, 2009

Not Royce? Doh Royal A-Hole Royce King II on Eclipse Set

False alarm. Sorry dude, whoever you are. But why are your eyeballs so red?
x17 has pics of Jack Huston on the set of Eclipse in Langley on Wednesday!

What are scene are they filming?! :-) Was the 2nd person on set Rosalie? And why are his eyeballs so red (maybe it's just the pic)?

Thanks, AshleyTWA!

Sorry guys, that was my bad :( I published this post that TCA had saved to drafts... I'm thinking it might be Peter?! - Lorabell


  1. When I first saw this I didn't think Royce.. I actually thought this was Peter.

    Hmmm I would of thought Royce would of been better looking the actor who plays him is cute

  2. I hope they are putting this in sepia or b/w so his eye colour don't mind. Royce can't be a vampire, that would completely mess up Rosalie's angst+her relationship with Emmett.

    Also, shouldn't his clothes look a bit more expensive?!

  3. That is not Jack Huston. this is Kevin Zegers-Peter. The Barn was used for Jaspers background story.

    Good casting.

  4. Comparing photo's, I do not think that is Jack Huston. Maybe it's whoever is playing Peter is Jasper's flashback?

  5. Does anyone else notice that Royce was supposed to be very fair haired? Rosalie even says in the book his hair is lighter than hers. The actor they have is very not-fair looking...

  6. This is not Jack Huston as Royce. This is Kevin Zegers playing the character, Peter. Look up Zegers on imdb.

  7. What? They're already filming?? What?

  8. I too, posted this on my site after seeing it under that nasty pic of Miley on x17...Do u recon this is Peter, and he's not on the cast list as theyre only counting him as an extra? Lorabell.... what u recon?

  9. Looks like all the other Twilight fan sites are reporting this wrong now too ;) At least you realized your mistake...


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