August 27, 2009

Setting Wedding Dates + Face Punches: Juicy Eclipse Filming Details + Royce King II Jack Huston in VanCity + Puppies

Jack Huston arrives in Vancouver

Peter returns to Vancouver

Lainey shares pics of Jack Huston, Peter, Justin & Christian in Vancouver, as well as juicy set details!
The main stars have been hard at work this week. David Slade tweeted on Monday that he shot with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I can tell you exclusively that Kristen has also been working with Taylor Lautner this week. “Bella” goes on a piggyback run with “Jacob” and they run through the forest. She also drops blood everywhere, and at some point she punches him in the face after he kisses her.

And for the Twi-Hards, Slade’s Tweet referred to scenes between Stewart and Pattinson that took place in the “meadow”. My source tell me that they talk about getting married, they roll around a little, and they agree on a wedding date.
Thanks, Gabi!


  1. I was just thinking about the part in eclipse where Rosalie takes her revenge on Royce when I came across a pic of her someone did.

  2. OME - that dog is so friggin' cute. Is that a westie puppy?

  3. oooo.... thank you for the juicy set details! I've been hoping for some of those.

  4. Umm why do you think they're shooting backwards? I'm curious!

  5. Thanks for the pic of Jack Huston, but does everyone in this cast smoke ?

  6. why is it a piggy back ride..? isnt it supposed to be like how a mom carries a baby kinda looking thing even though that sounds strangely odd..?

  7. I'm thinking darling Christian is finding ways to catch Rob's eye with a tiny version of his beloved Patty!

  8. @ Ismarie
    Most movies are shot out of sequence depending on when they can get to certain sets, weather, budgets, and actor schedules. Unless the director has major clout (think Steven Spielburg or Ron Howard) they don't get the choice to shoot in sequence.
    Hope that helps!


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