August 17, 2009

Closer Look at Chris Weitz: Expect More Authentic, Natural Cast Performances! :-)

Rotten Tomatoes delves a little more deeply into Chris Weitz's background and director-style:
Producer Wyck Godfrey, speaking exclusively to Rotten Tomatoes, surmised that Weitz's own acting experience and affinity for actors made for a remarkably comfortable working environment on the set of New Moon: "I think having been in a movie himself and having acted before, he really trusts actors and I think they can really feel that inherently. And as a result, we've gotten much more authentic, very natural performances from all the actors."
I loved Twilight the movie of course, but gotta admit that some of the scenes bordered on cringeworthy just didn't have the effect that was intended. Looking forward to great cast performances!

Read the rest at Rotten Tomatoes.


  1. i love your blog. You have all the good stuff FIRST. Damn you

  2. I hope they all do better this time around- they all have said how "zen" like CW was on set. I hope that pays off and made the actors feel more relaxed and do good performances.


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