August 27, 2009

Rob-Watch: 2 sightings in one day?! MADNESS!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It IS you, Robward *sigh* I missed you soooooooo much - don't you ever disappear like that again, do you hear me, young man?! ...Now, come into my trailer and let's set it a'rockin' ;)

Thanks Thinking of Rob and Gabi

- Lorabell *smiley*

P.s. There's RobdoThanks Late2thePartee


  1. LMAO @ Lorabell

    You too funny girl!

    Plus I luv the Where's Robdo graphics LOL

  2. Ok so Robdo has been found.. now where the hale is Taydo.....sounds like tae kwando a little bit. lol

  3. Oh, thank Gawd! I was ready to join Robaholics Anonymous if there wasn't a Rob sighting soon. Now I can relax, and know he wasn't taken away by Hobbits after all.

  4. Ok sometimes i think there is something wrong with me because I really dont love Rob as much as like 98% of twilight fans. Maybe cuz im Team Jacob? I dunno. But i feel like i'm missing something. Rob is charming and funny and i love that he is so adorkable and that he isnt phased by Hollywood madness.. but i dont swoon at the sight of him or feeling like calling the CIA went there hasnt been a Rob sighting in a while... Hmmm.... lol.

  5. yeah!!!! you made my whole day! it's funny because I feel like that's great if he can get his privacy, BUT I want to see him! I was going through serious withdrawl.
    I do NOT understand Team Jacob at all! There is something about Rob.....

  6. more pics at

  7. tks! i really like that RP... :)
    (marian.. that's me)

  8. Yay! Finally...
    But we still havent seen Taylor and Kristen.
    I'm interested to see if she has extensions, or a wig, and if it's a wig, then I want to see her with a brown mullet, instead of black.

  9. This location is at David and Mary Thompson High School on the east side of Vancouver. I drove past the set yesterday and there were no trailers on the road like last spring during New Moon" filming. They have moved all trailers and trucks into the school parking area and have the black screens set up to keep th paps away. I'm sure the security is extra tight around RPattz this time around due to the car that hit him in NYC this summer. Summit will not tolerate a repeat of that! Oh ya- there were about 8 -10 fans at the school this morning at 8:00am. The Vancouver Sun newspaper reported an 11:00 call time for the actors today.

  10. luv the 3rd piccy so sexy


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