August 25, 2009

Rob spotted leaving Eclipse New Moon set

Update: Dang, apparently this is an old shot from New Moon filming :( Rob watch is still on!

Everyone breathe a big sigh of relief as you get the fix we were all waiting for - Rob leaving set last Friday!

I'm happy he's had some time out of the glare of the paps but I still really missed him - give a gal some crack, Rob - no, not that kind... then again ;)

Thanks Thinking of Rob

- Lorabell *contented sigh* :)

P.s. Is it just me or does he look sleepy? Get some rest puddin'.


  1. I'm also happy that Rob seems to have had some rest from the stalking; It's so nice to see him again and of course he's being nice stopping for the fans when he could have just as easily had the car take off.

  2. Rob, enough with this shitty hide and seek game. Seriously. Not nice. At all.
    Just wave from the balcony or something so we can get some work done, for f**k sake..

  3. this is getting ridiculous! I'm all all for the balcony waving thing that Anonymous suggested! Anything that will reveal him again! I just miss him so damn much!!!

  4. Just saw on Thinking of Rob that they have retracted the statement this was taken last night, it is actually from New Moon not Eclipse shoot.

  5. Bummer. The People TV "What you missed this weekend" video that is up right now, titled "Twlight descends on Vancouver" says that Friday night Rob and Kristen were spotted Friday night getting Starbucks and going for a 45 minute walk.....I'm thinking REALLY? and there are no pictures? I'm just doubting that....what do you think?

  6. Anonymous "Rob, enough with this shitty hide and seek game. Seriously. Not nice. At all.
    Just wave from the balcony or something so we can get some work done, for f**k sake.."

    ahahahaha! seriously...I'm with you :)

  7. Yeah Rob! And while you're at it, show us your babe: cover KStew's mullet and dangle her over the balcony for a sec.. Is that too much to ask?? :)

    Stand proudly side by side with the Pope and the Queen by greeting the masses from a window!

  8. OMG ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS, for the millionth time I SAW ROBERT PATTINSON TODAY, he was at METROPOLIS a big mall in vancouver he was pretty smart to go there because it isnt like downtown more a local mall he looked AMAZZINGGGGGGGG

  9. Lorabell I really admire your integrity when you're writing this blog. I like how you don't post every last bit of invented gossip or photos that have obviously been taken when the cast are being harassed. Makes this blog worth reading. Also it's cool to see all of your positive articles on Kristen. :)

  10. I am glad for Rob that he is MIA for awhile. NY was dreadful to watch, no idea what the toll on him was.
    So enjoy Canada!!

    Thanks for all the hard work on the blog also.

  11. I agree with Lins! Thanks Lorabell for a great blog. I love firing up the computer every morning and checking out what you've posted. Some of the blogs are kind of....well you feel yucky after reading them, you know? Yours is just great. I also love that it's positive and FUN!
    Have a great day! :)

  12. We wouldn't be here at all without Mrs TCA herself - she was the first TwiCrack Addict ;)
    - Lorabell


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