August 5, 2009

Rob at LAX

Guess he's in L.A. after all. See more at ROBsessed or at BauerGriffin.


  1. Wow, I'm so glad they are finally re-uniting to start Eclipse-Oh Joy! I hope they stick to the book and that David Spade gives us some leg-hitch make out scenese pleeeeasee. Also hope they make Rob's hair "bronzier", the other New Moon pix of him looks like his hair is too dark-either way he still looks hot. TCA, please post some pictures of filming of the set if you can, would love to see what scenes they might be filming :) Can't hardly wait!

  2. hmmm, yummy rob is back in la :)

    i know we got inundated w/ rob pics from remember me ( not that i'm complaining !) but honestly, i'm soo looking forward to see more of rob again...and again...yah, i'm hopelessly robsessed :))


  3. Damn, that boy's pretty!
    - Lorabell ;)

  4. I've read "weeping and gnashing of teeth" in other blog Comments, over Rob not wearing the Black Wrist Tie. I'm more concerned to not see his trusty body guard.

    Even though he's escaped from NYC, I'd still like to see him accompanied... Hope he gets a west coast based body guard, who can travel with him, in CA and up to The Couve.

    Alice's Aunt

  5. Poor guy =[ Now i know how ppl around me feel.

    Alice's Aunt- ? Wait.... so Rob doesn't have anybody guards with him anymore?

    I'm confuse now , can someone clear this up?So No bodyguards with him?Or he does he still have bodyguards with him?

  6. @lorabell and THparkle- he is soo pretty:))

  7. i was just about to go there today because i live in bakersfield and its not too far ...and i descided it was going to be a sad time if i went because i would have to sAY bye to my cousin so i just stayed home...dang it i am his biggest fann i think but some people are a lot more obsessed then me but still i guess i have to wait till i go to england to visit family ubtil i could really have a chance to meet him


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