August 17, 2009

Red, flowy dress, high gloves + big old heels: Noot on Heidi's Costume & More

Interview Magazine has a great interview with Noot Seear. Here is an excerpt where she talks about her costume, the set, and the cast dynamics:
DARRELL HARTMAN: So, what did you have to do to look the part?

NOOT SEEAR: I didn't tan for two months. It was awful, and totally unnecessary because they painted me white anyway. And I had these crazy contacts that I couldn't see through. It was like skiing in a total snowstorm. I could see about two feet in front of me.

DH: What about the wardrobe?

NS: It was this red, flowy dress with high gloves and big old heels.

DH: A dress? It's a miniskirt in the book.

NS: I know! I didn't get to show much leg.

DH: Heidi's scene, in the book at least, is short but awesome. Tell me about filming it.

NS: The sets were breathtaking. Huge, like palace-sized. I think the scariest part for me, out of the whole day, was that they had given me lines to practice, and when I showed up they gave me completely different lines. I freaked out. Dan [Cudmore] was like, "Calm down, it's okay." They're so protective over the script. But it was really cool because the day I shot everyone was there: Dakota, Rob, Kristen. I got to meet everyone and they were so nice to me. I was scared they were going to not be nice.
Read the rest at Interview!

Thanks, Juhi!


  1. Scared they weren't gonna be nice? I could think of other things she should have been scared of, but I'll be nice. O.K. she did her Cameo, now can we move on!!

  2. Seriously she is in the book and movie for 2 seconds, I can't understand why such a fuss is being made over her.

  3. Maybe it shouldn't, but it really bugs me that a movie doesn't follow the book with SIMPLE THINGS. The book clearly described things like 'what Heidi was wearing' and went into detail about the way Bella's b-day presents from The Cullens were wrapped.

    I don't understand why they change those simple things?

  4. Ditto, JennJam
    No comprende either! Its simple to transfer those things from page to screen especially when they're described in great detail via la Stephenie.


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