August 6, 2009

Question du Jour: Does Renesmee Poop?

Dear Stephenie,

I have another question to add to your list of things you dislike being asked (e.g. Does Edward go cuckoo when Bella has her period?), but I'm not sure that it's been asked enough to be annoying yet.

Does Renesmee poop?

TwiTarded minds would like to know.



P.S. Apparent dearth of TwiCrack this morning :-)


  1. What?!! Where do ppl come up with these questions!! They are fictional characters ppl!!
    If you want to get technical- Edward would never be able to procreate- really cuz even though SM paints a picture of men not being frozen in time. They really would be - he never has to take a human moment- so nor would he be producing sperm!!:)) But if we didn't Imagine a little bit we would never have Renesmee!!

  2. I say yes - if she eats/sleeps she poops! Get this though... does she actually breathe?!
    - Lorabell

  3. my question is one that has been asked i'm sure...but i had never thought of it till like two days ago. Sparkle Peen?

  4. Yes she poops! She has a beating heart pumping blood through her veins and organs and when she eats food her system works just like ours! I'm not sure about the breathing. At first I thought "of course she does" but really thinking about it... I bet she does but she doesn't have too? lol

  5. hehe. i'm just wondering if bella and edward have to change diapers.

  6. @christy

    uh oh. i'll let someone else say it.

  7. uhmm.. is it what created Renesmee?...

  8. Ok, just googled it. lol! Of course it sparkles! Everything on Rob... I mean Edward sparkles!!lol!!

  9. @christy
    it is one half of what created Renesmee. hehe

  10. OK maybe we never asked this but definitely should have - lol!!!

    "sparkle peen" - lol!!

    and why do i suddenly feel compelled to google "peen" JUST to see what comes up?! Must. Resist. Work computer...not peen-search-friendly... ARG!

    Thanks for the shout-out TCA! Even though now I'm going to be considering the relative merits of the half-vamp digestive system all day now... Among other, um, vampy [vampsicle-y? love-custard-y??] things...

    : )

  11. I often wondered this when reading BD, I mean they never mention changing diapers, but she does eat 'human' food.

  12. They never mention mcuh of anything which really has to do with unpleasant daily realities.

  13. :) ... sparkle swimmers? You never know!

    I assume Renesmee breathes. Your heart needs oxygen rich blood, and oxygen comes from breathing. Also, I think she yawned a couple of times in BD, and yawning is the body's way of telling you to bring in more oxygen, which is why people yawn when they are tired ... breathing and heart rates drop when you are sleepy ...

    Wow ... I ramble.

  14. Am I weird if I like the idea of a sparkly peen?! LOL!

  15. That must be what they put in Orbitz gum to make that lady's teeth sparkle like that!

    @Alisha - you are a Twilight detective. Case closed!

  16. over at the lexicon they have posted personal correspondance from Stephenie about all the questions we want answers to... "Several girls wanted to know if Edward would have a more difficult time being around Bella when she’s having her period. Answer: Yes, a little bit, but he would never say anything about it–much too much of a gentleman. And Bella would be way to embarrassed to ask. (It’s not the same as a cut, though. It’s sort of "dead" blood, if you get my meaning)"

  17. i freakin heart the cullen guysAugust 7, 2009 at 2:09 AM

    ok will renesmee get her periods and will she be able to have a baby? i know we can never actaully know coz they are fictional but i just want to know your theories.

  18. @ i freakin heart... I'm guessing since Renesme is half human she does get it. Remember, Jacob imprinted on her and part of the imprinting legend says that it is an unconcious decision and is natures way of selecting that persons soulmate who is best fitted to carry on the werewolf gene, therefore, if he imprinted on her, it must means that she would eventually get pregnant with his child some day and carry on Jacobs werewolf gene "kind've an Underworld Lycan/Vampire thing going on I guess). If she couldn't bear his children, I don't think he couldn've imprimted on her. Does this make sense? Hope it answers your question :)

  19. surely bella wouldnt have periods, vampires cant reproduce. they are frozen in time which would mean they cant have periods, right? x

  20. unless you were talking pre-vamp bella? x

  21. This is the funniest and by far the best post I have ever seen!

    I always thought about the monthly pre-vamp Bella thing.

    I am with you and I so want to google peen but I am at work! Sparkly peen's would be pretty cool tho!

    Nessie has to breath, your heart needs oxygen!

    If Ness eats, then she poops right?

    And if were getting technical here, doesnt a peen need blood to ya no, uh make a baby?

    Honestly tho, funniest post ever!


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