August 15, 2009

PFach was nearly a lawyer?

Thanks to Jay and IESB for this in-depth interview with Peter - here's an excerpt:

I did one year at St. John's University, and I studied pre-law and I worked for a law firm, and I realized that lawyers spend most of their time trying not to go to court. They look for precedents so they don't have to go to court. They told me that court was the last place you want to be. I was like, "Well, that's what I want to do. I like the courtroom drama," and they were like, "Well, then you need to do something else."

So, I threw away the courtroom drama and just went straight for the drama, and I transferred to NYU. I told my parents, "To be a good lawyer, I have to be a good actor, so I'm going to take acting classes at NYU and study theater there," and they bought it. And then, I started working, right out of NYU. So, when my parents realized it was something that I could do, they were behind it.
I can totally see Peter playing a lawyer - very Matthew Mcconaugheeeeeeey!

Thanks PFach's number 1 fan, Shraddha ;)

- Lorabell



  1. Thanks Lorabell! I <3 Twicrack and PETER!

  2. Thanks for posting for those that aren't necessary fans of Peter! He has a great fan site that give all his bio/info- if anyone is interested. you can sign his guestbook too.

  3. I am not a big fan of Peter as Carlisle but he is starting to win me over as Coop on "Nurse Jackie". He is actually a much better actor than I thought he was.

  4. At least I`ll know who to call on next time I need a lawyer, (or Doctor, or vampire, or even just a shoulder to cry on !! )


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