August 6, 2009

Peter Jokes About Nekkid Volturi Scene (or lack thereof)

Peter messes with MTV when ask him about Jamie Campbell Bower's naked Volturi joke:
MTV: Chris Weitz says the scene doesn't exist. Can you set the record straight?

Facinelli: No, they were naked. It was really weird! I mean, I come in and I'm in full 18th-century garb, and they're in the Roman bath. Maybe it's a surprise or something ...

MTV: Are you messing with me?

Facinelli: [Laughs.] Yeah, I was. I thought [Bower's joke] was really funny, so I was gonna try and roll with it. But no, there are no nude Volturi in "New Moon."

MTV: OK, we can appreciate a joke. But can you at least tell us: Did you really film a scene for Carlisle where he's meeting the Volturi?

Facinelli: We did film a flashback scene, but we're fully clothed in our garb from that era. It's pretty cool. I think people are going to dig that. I like doing the flashback scenes, because you get to dress up in different time periods. It's set in a time, I think the 1800s, where I have traveled to Italy and I was living with the Volturi.

MTV: How is it set up?

Facinelli: Edward is basically telling Bella the story of who the Volturi are, and then it flashes to scenes of me and the Volturi ... in the Roman bath. [Laughs.] No, we're not in the Roman bath. We're playing cards.

MTV: Playing cards?

Facinelli: [Laughs.] It's a secret, because it's not in the book. We can't give away all the secrets — you'll have to go and see the movie.
Read the rest at MTV.

Thanks, AshleyTWA!


  1. very interesting! 1st!

  2. Peter is too funny in this interview!! LMAO!! He's great- love how he plays with the interviewer- too funny!!

  3. Oh Peter. Where do you go to buy tickets to his gun show? Damn. Thank heaven he loves tight shirts. =D~

  4. LOL @ SharonMacross ~ I know. But have his arms gotten bigger? He looks pretty beefy.


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