August 3, 2009

"The Show Must Go On": Peter & Jackson Talk About Rachelle's Departure & Welcome Bryce Dallas Howard

MTV interviewed Peter and Jackson at TwiCon, and asked him about the elephant in the room:
A pair of high-profile stars who began the mega-franchise with Lefevre, however, did agree to speak with us on the record. And they were eager to say that they've spent the last few days sharing one key emotion with their fans: sadness.

"Who?" said Peter Facinelli, trying to force a grin when we brought up the headline-garnering story.

"I can say that I'm saddened that the dates didn't work out," the affable actor explained, referring to both Lefevre's and Summit's claims that a 10-day shooting overlap with another film was the reason she will be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in "Eclipse."

Asked if he had been keeping up on the news, Jackson Rathbone replied, "I have, I have," getting serious as he spoke about the subject. "You know, Rachelle's a dear friend, and I'll miss her terribly."

The uncommonly public dispute has put the stars in an uncomfortable position, as they have to balance their words carefully about having a friend and co-worker fired while at the same time not badmouthing their boss.

"I really can't say anything on the business side," said Rathbone, who spent the weekend signing autographs, performing with his band 100 Monkeys, and even participating in a "Coffee With Jackson Rathbone" brunch. "Rachelle is an amazing actress and an amazing woman."

If there is a silver lining to the cloud, however, it's that the new Victoria is an award-caliber actress of the highest order. "I'm excited to work with her," Facinelli said of Howard. "But again, I'm deeply saddened that Rachelle is not going to be in 'Eclipse.' "

"I love [Lefevre] like a sister; it deeply saddens me," he added. "But you know, the show must go on. We're going to embrace Bryce Dallas Howard — and I hope that the fans do, too."

"I would love to work with Rachelle again," reasoned Rathbone. "I'm really sad that I'm not going to get to work with her on the final film of the franchise we started together."

Thanks, Stacy!


  1. "I would love to work with Rachelle again," reasoned Rathbone. "I'm really sad that I'm not going to get to work with her on the final film of the franchise we started together."

    The "final film?" What does that mean for Breaking Dawn? Did he just misspeak?

  2. The final film for the character of Victoria, is what I'm sure he meant.

  3. or he could mean her final film since victoria is no more after eclipse...but I thought they both gave fine answers haha I know they cant say what they really feel lol. But I liked that they said they will welcome Bryce but miss Rachelle..they both seemed sorta sad/stunned still by the news you know..

  4. They also seemed like they were biting their tongue and choosing their words carefully as to not piss of the studio

  5. Regardless if BD gets made, Eclipse would have been the last film in the franchise for Rachelle anyway. I think that's what he meant.

  6. it's really hard to support eclipse now that something's gone wrong. and i hope we fans would just stay calm about it and continue to support eclipse for a blockkbuster hit again. :) but ir's really difficult coz Rachelle's out and we feel new with dallas. :(

  7. Agreed Heidi Ho.Sadness everywhere.Broken hearted fans.Ppl walking around with their heart on their sleeve =[ I too will miss Rachelle alot! I right now don't have my arms wide open for Bryce , because i can't imgane her as Victoria and the only intense and actove Victoria i know is Rachelle that got fired from Summit who is being a bitch to her and the fans

  8. It's weird that I feel sadness still each time I read anything about Rachelle not being in Eclipse. If this decision must be the way it is (like, apparently it is) then I'm glad it's BDH and I will support her . . . this isn't her fault.

    But I still feel the 'sting' of Rachelle not being Victoria - - I think because I kind of held out a little bit of hope that it would work out for her/us.

    But please, fans, since this decision has been made, I hope we can not allow our disappointment to bleed into supporting BDH. As geniune and kind as Rachelle always seemed to be, I don't think she'd want that, either. I don't pretend to know her, but I do know that one of the reasons I always liked her was that she seemed sincere and sweet, so I can't imagine she'd want anyone to hold it against the actress taking her place.

    No one will ever be Rachelle, but just as people have 'freaked out' over decisions that have been made in the past with this series that 'people' didn't agree with, it may just turn out to be 'a-ok' in the end . . . even if we wish it didn't have to be an issue at all.

  9. Sorry, I wrote this and it didn't make sense (above):

    "But please, fans, since this decision has been made, I hope we can not allow our disappointment to bleed into supporting BDH."

    JennJam, proofreading is a good thing, LOL!

    What I meant was, 'since this decision has been made, I hope we (fans) will not allow our disappointment to bleed into BDH's inclusion, and take out our feelings about Rachelle/Summit on her . . . let's give her a fair shot.'

    Sorry for making no sense before. :)

  10. JennJam, I totally agree that Bryce deserves a fair shot.

    Regardless of how we may feel about Rachelle's departure, Bryce deserves a chance. I imagine it's not easy for Bryce to have stepped into the middle of a controversy that I assume she really had no part in creating.

  11. It does make me sad.

    I wish Bryce all the's going to be upsetting not to see Rachelle up there. It really is.

  12. Well said, Peter and Jackson. I know that finding the "appropriate" words must be difficult for everyone involved. I love you too, Rachelle and wish you the best!

  13. Aww man, the twilight saga movies are ruined now cuz rachelle isn't there anymore :( What is wrong with you summit? You can accommodate to all of the big stars shedules but you can't with rachelle's? I mean look at rpattz's schedule, he did what like 2 movies during new moon, and then kristen and dakota doing the whole runways thing, and then just a 10 day layover for rachelle and now she is out, what the heck! see this is one of the many reason why i hate show business. u rock rachelle :((sigh)

  14. *drool* @ jacksper. ugh! the hair, the SCHMEXY! i love me a ruffled, grungy, grinnin' musician! haha :)

  15. am so sad about this too, it wont be the same... Something will be off for my while watching Eclipse.

    Summit needs to pull their head out of their butts, and get Rachelle back.

  16. I have no desire to, nor do I plan on welcoming/accepting *Ron Howard's Little Girl*... In any way... To the making of 'Eclipse.'

    Simple. Straight forward.

    Rachelle IS 'Victoria,' and I will never accept another actress in the part.

    Plus, of course actors like Peter and Jackson are being careful with their words. Summit has them by the _ _ _ _ _ now. For sure.


  17. wow, there's enough venom there to turn a human, alice's aunt.

    what did richie cunningham ever do to you? :)

    in all seriousness, though, it's absurd to 'blame' Bryce for this, and anger about the situation isn't healthy. there are a lot of serious things going on in the world that deserve our 'passion' more than casting in a movie. not that it's not upsetting, but maybe just - in a proportional way to 'life in general.'

    it does seem irrational to be upset that the replacement actress is a director's daughter. summit had reasons for this, which we'll never know in their entirety, and SOMEONE had to replace rachelle. sadly.

    if it was some nobody like paris hilton who hasn't a legitimate credit in her own right to her name, the outrage about the replacement would be understandable. but bryce has paid her dues and is an established actress without being 'her father's shadow.' why should she be forced to stand there by the public opinion of disgruntled fans?

    i know you aren't going to change your mind, but i think a bit of balance is the best measure, since this doesn't seem likely to change, now.

    i will miss rachelle, though. but i agree that bryce deserves a fair chance and an open mind. we aren't getting rachelle back. since that seems the case, i'm glad we aren't getting some talentless hack or someone without any credibility.

    - Lexi

  18. I agree with JennJam, it is sad to see our Rachelle leaving the franchise, but it's not Bryce Dallas Howard's fault. Somebody had to step in, and of course, the girl is now under the Twilight microscope.

    There's no reason for us to get catty. It was Summit's decision, and unless we were there and heard both sides straight from the source, we will never know.

    The truth is, BDH is a talented actress, regardless of her parental influence. I've seen her movies and she doesn't suck. If she were cast as Victoria from the get go, I'm sure we would all like her performance.

    Sad, sad circumstances, but just like our beloved Rachelle, I say we stay classy, ladies! :)


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