August 17, 2009

Oh Seriously Creepos! How You Can Have RPattz's Lookalike Spawn

Oh's really come to this? reports that you can have try to a Robert Pattinson lookalike spawn thanks to the Cryobank sperm bank:

A lot of people want Brad Pitt's sperm. And Robert Pattinson's. And Johnny Depp's. And now, thanks to Cryobank sperm bank, they can -- sort of.

Merging the science of assisted reproduction with the art of pop culture whoredom, Cryobank allows clients to select sperm from donors who supposedly look like celebrities.
However, there are some caveats:
But wait. Before you run out and get some Mr. Smith for your Mrs. Butterworth, there are a few things you should know about Cryobank. For starters, the donor profiles don't actually include photos of the donors. Thus, if someone claims to look like Keanu Reeves, there's always the chance-- as we've all learned from online dating -- that he might actually look like Jon Gosselin.

If you're actually interested in sperm, check out momlogic for more detail.

Thanks, Katie!!

P.s. Why would I want my kid to look like Rob when I wanna do Rob?! So. Wrong. - Lorabell

LOL -- Lorabell, you're killing me. :) --TCA


  1. Oookaaay... This is seriously creepy.

  2. And there are bat-shit crazy people who will actually do this.

  3. ummmmm whatttt. This is totally weird.. there is one, and ONLY one RPattz.

  4. Wtf?HALE no!That's just over obsess!Enough is enough!Way too creepy!Who so stupid will do this?Seriously?I like drooling over Rob in pics but this...Umm...No thxns.

  5. I think I'm going to be sick! My stomache is rolling, are there actually women out there that are that out of touch with reality.

    It's sick and creepy and it's going WAY TO FAR!!! It is one thing to enjoy a movie and like the actors they chose for the part, it's another thing to be obsessed and disturbed like this.

  6. I hope Rob doesn't know or ever find out about this 'cuz he says he's already paranoid and I think this would scare the bejesus outa him! This is just about the creepiest creepy thing I've ever heard of! Okay so, I saw the 'Orphan' last night and let me tell you that little girl was creepy creepersome but THIS takes the cake,definately shuddersome! *shudders*

  7. This is disgusting...who would do this????

  8. You're hilarious Lorabell "Why would I want my kid to look like rob...." I agree!!

  9. Haha I agree with you Lorabell...I don't want my son to look like Rob!!! I want my future husband to be like Rob so I would never leave home again!!!!!

  10. This is very disturbing...on so many levels!!


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