August 19, 2009

Nikki loses her luggage?

Random pic - she looks such a young'un!

"According" to Perez, both Nikki's laptop and guitar were stolen en route from LAX to the Couve and was apparently overheard telling RPattz:

“I had so much fun in Greece this summer. I wish I had pictures to show you, but my laptop was stolen with everything on it. The police are trying to find it for me, but I doubt they will, which really sucks! ... I’m so bummed, I mean, I can get another [guitar], but I really loved that one.”

Here are my theories...

1) Crazy pap didn't get good shots and thought he'd nab Nikki's holiday pics - possible

2) Pattinson-pants lady thought they were Rob's and that she'd serenade him with his guitar recorded on his laptop - probable

3) Ebay!

Thanks Lauren :)

- Lorabell


  1. Well, could be true? Didn't she buy a new guitar in those latest vancouver pics, with Ereaser?

  2. i did see her carrying a guitar when she went shopping with elizabeth but what Perez posted could just be an elaborate story. you never know. hmmmmmm. im confuzuled now. hehe

  3. I don't think she flew to vancouver with Rob!

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  5. I had wondered why she was at a music store in Vancouver. And then was walking around with a guitar. Makes sense.

    Though who'd be stupid enough to check their laptop? They specifically tell you not to check valuables like that.

  6. Who cares.. she could have lose herself aswell so we would've got someone else as Rosalie.


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