August 24, 2009

Nikki & Elizabeth in Vancouver + Riley / Jane / Alec Friday Filming Details

How cute are these two? See more pics at Lainey, who also dishes on Friday night's Eclipse shooting details:
Indeed I’m told exclusively that Xavier was on set on Friday night in New Westminister for a scene involving “Riley” trying to rein in his misbehaving newborn children, oblivious to certain members of the Volturi, led by Dakota Fanning’s “Jane” and her companion “Alec” who were silently observing.


  1. They are SUPER skinny. I'm jealous. ;)

  2. What's up with Nikki's shoes? Great legs but funky shoe choice w/shorts. Love Elizabeth's totally casual style. Very cute!

    (Sooooo glad to see that Paris Lastis (sp?) hasn't been photographed with Nikki since her arrival in Vancouver. He's nasty.

  3. I agree, Ms. PattinsonForever :) What up with the shoes Nik? Looks like men's dress shoes. But yeah she's cute anyway.

  4. Juju, they are really not 'super skiny' by Hollywood standards especailly Nikki. I think their perfect.

  5. Elizabeth is beautiful.
    Nikki is not.

  6. UMMM so I gotsta get me a black paid flannel..think Rob will lend me his???


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