August 14, 2009

New Moon Trailer Screen Caps - beyond awesome!





I spy Caius!

Stop hurting Robward, you biatch!



Thank you Meggz!!!

- Lorabell

P.s. See more at Thinking Of Rob

P.p.s. E!Online has shared the New Moon Trailer here (love all the whimpering fan noises in the background...I'd be whimpering too!)


  1. NOOO! My poor Edward is in pain D;

  2. What a way to start a Friday! Thanks!

    And the waiting continues....*sigh*

  3. I agree HAWT! This movie is going to drive crazy about it , i doubt i'm going to go the theather and watch New Moon 10 times or more.I have already watch Twilight 96 times , no lie.It's just addicting!
    I (heart) the Edward & Jakey pics.Dakota looks awsum!

  4. Awesome!!! Oh, but this makes me miss Rachelle already... :( That is one fierce girl.

  5. wowww they look amazzingg!!
    canntt waittt to see New Moon!!!1
    they all look so good :) the attention to detail is crazy good :)

  6. *breathes* wonderful
    uhh-may-seeng lol
    poor Edward..horrible Jane!

  7. Bella in the water, O M E cant wait............ crying!!!!!!!!!!! cant handle it

  8. It's funny to think that someone at Summitt is tasked with searching YouTube all day for illegal videos ;);) It's probably their only job...

  9. Oh and can anyone tell me when Edward and her are kissing>>> It looks like her hair is wet??? HHMM

  10. Fantastic! I love the wolfpack!
    And the wimpering in the background totally cracked me up :)

  11. LMFAO ---> "stop hurting robward you biatch" paha!!!

  12. Really? That's THE TRAILER? With Taylor's commentary? Since when are trailers presented in theaters like that? I mean, I'm excited about all the new scenes in it, but I want to see a regular 2 minutes long trailer! Not a 90 seconds documentary where you just want Taylor to shut up and stop occupying screen time as himself and where you can't afford to blink or you'll miss a scene..
    Two days ago, when this clip leaked in French, I thought it was part of a some kind of behind the scenes look at New Moon. And I figured, when in theaters, they would lose Taylor and just show the trailer..
    Freakin' Summit!! A**holes!

  13. i think there will be an edward centric trailer too, cos at the end of this its says which takes you to the new moon site, so hopefully we're in for another trailer soon,as goes to the site too
    heres hoping!! so excited!!

  14. Why do people keep complaining about the trailers? We should be grateful for anything we get :):)

  15. @theEvilAngel:

    Grateful??!! Honey, you got it backwards - you're the one financing this movie actually, you and the rest of the fans who put a lot of money into Summit's pocket. Who should be the grateful one here?
    And you WILL pay the ticket to see it eventually.. They are after your (and mine) money and personal time so it I think we can criticize all we want, don't you think?
    After all, their success depends on our stance.

    How can you be so naive??

  16. God Edward looks incredibly awful just like I pictured from the book!!!! Way to go Rob!!!!
    Kristen is amazing she looks likes she is drowning and totally miserable. These 2 actors are great!!!!!
    I haven't watched the trailers because they are usually lame anyway, and if what is said above Taylor is narrating them then I'm really not interested.
    Arguing about trailers is useless because both of you are right, it all depends on your point of view.

  17. They can show us anything they want... Why do you expect them to give away more clips when, like you said, we're all gonna pay to see it anyway? Complaining isn't going to bring more clips...

  18. (I always get in trouble for saying stuff on blogs ;);) LOL! Never mean any harm by it :) I'm just excited by the new trailer!


    Edward eyes are supposed to be pitch black...
    they are FREAKING GOLDEN!

    i really truly hope they notice it? probably not.. :(

  20. @theEvilAngel:

    Well, criticism (or complaining, how you like to put it) is not necessarily a bad thing. It usually makes us do better. So, if some things could get done better before it's too late, why not point them out?
    When the first teaser trailer came out, I bet they payed attention to what was being said (especially the CGI stuff, 'cause Chris later said in an interview that they have changed it since). I bet that they would rather be hearing "complaints" now..

    Btw, why the expression "getting in trouble"? I consider this to be a legitimate debate amongst two fellow fans :)

  21. Edwards Eyes Looked Red To Me.
    Oh Wait.
    Now I See The Gold.
    Haha. Love The Comment Underneath The Picture Though

  22. LOL..Edward looks constipated! I wonder where that is? When Jane tries her powers out on Bella perhaps?

  23. I actually went to see bandslam for this trailer, which while cheezy wasnt to horrible. but it was sooo worth the 7.50 to see it on the big screen! Loved it! except for the commentary...but ill take what i can get:)

  24. OH EM GEE!!!!!

    Edward in pain is really REALLY creepy! I'm going to love this!!!

  25. Honestly, I think waiting for this movie to come out has been more difficult than waiting the nine months for my children to be born! Ok. . . maybe I exaggerate. Maybe.
    God bless my husband for putting up with my obsession.
    I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish these characters were real. But since they aren't, I'll very happily settle for Rob. I can't comment about settling for Taylor because I'm old enough to be his mom . . .and that's just too creepy!

  26. Aren't there meant to be more people in the volturi castle. Like the wives and guards and stuff.

  27. Wow thats so awsome
    Thats looks really good
    i´m so happy :)


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