August 23, 2009

New Moon board game

Pre-order the New Moon game here .... and then scan it and email over any new stills from the board :D

- Lorabll


  1. Well if it's anything like the Twilight game, I'm sure it blows.

  2. woah looks trippy. Did the Twi-board game really suck? Was tempted to buy it, but was a no-go.

  3. i love twilight and i have the twilight game, but i wasnt very impressed with it.

  4. I played the Twilight board game back in July I think it was. TERRIBLE! Let's hope they took more time with this one!!!

  5. I 1000% agree with the "The Twilight game blows!" theory . . . ugh, it was AWFUL.

    We ended up taking all the trivia question cards out and played our own game with them, asking a question and first person to answer 'gets a point.'

    I wonder if the same 'people' are making this game???

    I can't wait for the Twilight 'Scene It!!'

  6. Yeah, the object of the Twilight game is just stupid, plus the question cards are riddled with grammatical errors.. has anyone else noticed that?


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