August 17, 2009

Need a New Twilight T-Shirt?

Maybe this one will do. ;-) The ladies at TwiTarded crack me up, and they've started their own CafePress store, where they are selling this *special* Edward Cullen-inspired shirt. Go check 'em out!

Happy Monday!


  1. My DH would have a stroke if I wore this!!!! LOL!!!

    I am still in the "Rpatz closet"...snicker


    BUT.... I am buying a twitarded one!!!

  2. One of my friends went to Twicon and said she saw a t-shirt that read: 'Forks makes me wet'
    It had a little raindrop on the front. Interpret that how you want. LOL!

  3. LOL @ THparkle- now that's a funny saying on a shirt!! don't like the one above. I giggled when I read your comment!!


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