August 19, 2009

Munching on Muffins: Kiowa Reveals Details on His Favorite WolfPack Scene

Kiowa Gordon describes his favorite scene to film in New Moon to MTV:
"I call it 'the muffin scene,' " revealed Gordon, who plays Jacob Black's friend Embry Call in the flick. "We all gather around at Emily's house — she's Sam, the big pack leader's, fiancée — and we all just gather around and eat muffins and talk about stuff."
No muffins for Jacob though. Taylor reveals:

"The muffin scene?" Taylor Lautner grinned when we told him of Gordon's comments. "I didn't have the pleasure to enjoy any muffins.

"When they were eating their funny little muffins, I was standing in the back, all pissed off," Lautner said of the scene, which depicts Jacob as not being too thrilled with the whole imprinting/ turning-into-a-wolf drama. "So I just got to watch them eat their muffins."

Read the rest at MTV.


  1. I remember that scene. It's when Paul gets mad at Jacob for not sharing food. Sounds like they changed it a bit.

  2. I love Taylor's sense of humour... Just the way he words things is funny.
    Really looking forward to this scene. Eveyrone always seems to forget it.

  3. Wait, was that the eggs part? Do I remember muffins - weren't they with the eggs? If it was the eggs part, I think I might like muffins better - at least for the movie. Maybe it's time I read New Moon for the third time. Oh dang, I have homework. :)

  4. I remember this part of the book!! its when Bella, Embry, and Jared go to Emilys house and then she greets them with muffins, and then embry eats like 3 and shes also making eggs!!


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