August 5, 2009

Mr. February: MTV's New Moon Calendar Slideshow

MTV has a slideshow of all the photos featured in the 2010 New Moon calendar. :-)

Thanks, Sally of Twilight-fanzone.


  1. Gah! Turn 18 already, Mr! I feel dirty enough as it is! And stop staring at me like that!
    ~ And this is coming from an Edwardian

  2. Nooo! I was hoping to have Edward for my birthday in February and I get this!!! Ufff! Don't get me wrong but I'm not a Taylor fan hehehe Bummer!

  3. Hehe Lorabell and I have birthdays in July (hey that rhymes, hehe) And it's of Bells and Edward 'macking'

  4. Yah! My birthday is in February! I love you to death taylor! :) u r so freakin' cute, i'm going to like stare at that calendar picture all the time, even if its not february. Hey did u know that taylor's birthday is in february too! :)

  5. *sigh*
    Thank you ladies for this loveliness.

  6. When the hell is this kid gonna be legal?? too much niceness!!:-))


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