August 28, 2009

More Rob on Eclipse Set :D


Will add more later (am speed blogging from work - shhh!) for now see them at ROBsessed along with pics of Ashley and Jackson :)

- Lorabell


  1. OME! Is that really Rob? *GASP*! He decided to come out of his hiding and grace us with his presence, "Oh, how we bow to thee thy schmexy one, thank-you for putting our miserable,pathetic, stalking, lives to ease by showing yourself"...hee-hee...I'm really glad to see him, I was getting disturbingly depressed not knowing or seeing anything about him, I need a life...

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  3. Thanks Lorabell- for sneaking at work, I understand. I've been pretty busy this week and only able to scroll my fav site without anytime to comment. Thanks for the devotion!!
    Love the quicky picture:))

  4. Love it! That just made my Friday morning!

  5. Awww. OME I can't believe it's him. Ok I'm happy now.

  6. I would loooOOOOOoove to hang out in his trailer. Or at least see a pic of the inside!!
    Thanks for sneaking the time to post this! =]


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