August 6, 2009

Melissa Rosenberg Talks Happy New Moon Set & Rachelle

Melissa Rosenberg was interviewed by ET Online, and had this to say about the atmosphere on the New Moon set and Rachelle's departure.

ET: What was the set of 'New Moon' like?

Melissa Rosenberg: 'New Moon' was one of the happiest sets I have ever been on. The guy who picked me up, said, "This is a great set. [Director] Chris Weitz is a genius. It is so wonderful." I was, "Okay, dude, you are overselling." But I got on the set and it was just delightful. You can tell when it is uncomfortable and they are not connecting. Chris Weitz is just a Zen master. I went to him and I was, "You are so cool and calm. And everyone is so cool and calm." He said, "You have no idea what it is going to cost me." My husband is a director and I know what it costs him. You have to tamp down every ounce of panic and frustration in order to project this calmness. I hope Chris got a good vacation between production and post.

ET: What do you think of the recasting of Rachelle Lefevre?

Melissa Rosenberg: I love Rachelle, but Bryce Dallas Howard? It was a shame, but I think Rachelle will go on to do brilliant things. I just love her. I am sure Bryce will be great.

Read more of her interview here.

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  1. For some reasons I just don't like Melissa Rosenburg........oh wait, there are many reasons, obvious ones at that why I don't like her.

  2. I like Bryce but she's too skinny and she doesn't have the right hair.
    She's just not Rachelle.

  3. Rachelle issssssssss 'Victoria.'

    I'm getting so sick of everyone saying "suck up to Summit" things, when asked about this mess. But what would they say? They all much be scared
    s_ _t-less of Summit right now. Bleahhhhh...


  4. I can't be the only one who thinks Melissa Rosenberg is scary, right? I mean, I know the screenplays could have turned out really bad, and she did a pretty good job adapting them, but her personality in interviews is just down right scary...

  5. Mmmmm, that _is_ Stephenie Meyer, isn't it?

    She's a big lady. Why does she wear horizontal stripes? -le sigh-


  6. Oh no YOU are the one and only :)) Thanks for the shout out hun :)

  7. I agree, Ronsenberg lady...scary. She can cast herself as one of the Volturi wives ; )


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