August 31, 2009

Live Chat with Peter Facinelli & Billy Burke at 3 PM (ET)

Click on pic for live video chat!

Twilight Examiner reports that Peter & Billy Burke will be participating in a live chat at 3 pm. Tune in to Mashable to check it out!

P.S. It's working now @ 3:22 ET

P.P.S. That was kind of lame-o. Started late, ended early because of sound / technical difficulties. The guys were asked about Twitter, the applications they use, etc., but Peter was unable to get through and eventually the video feed got delayed. The most exciting part was Billy Burke, who was sporting his Charlie 'stache and admitted to being 'computer stupid'. Cute!


  1. it's 3:03.. how the heck do you watch the chat? i'm on the site..

  2. I can't get it to work either grrrrrrrr

  3. It's working now. Click on the picture again

  4. She just keeps talking over all three of them, very annoying.

  5. I got to listen, but they had so many technical difficulties they shut it down after about 20 mins... They talked about fight training for a few mins and that was it...

  6. slowed my computer down loads and i couldnt hear them anyway and then they went :(
    sooooo many people were there it was impossible to actually say anything lol

  7. It was kind of lame. You couldn't hear Peter, and there were too many people msg-ing too fast!


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