August 13, 2009

Lessons from his Father: Chaske Spencer talks about a cause close to his heart

Chaske with Ciara and some other person I've never heard of (Leah Renee?)

Chaske Spencer participated in the Staples ‘Do Something 101′ school supply drive a short while ago, where he helped stuff backpacks full of school supplies so that they could be distributed to disadvantaged kids. Chaske shares why this cause was meaningful for him:

“I’m originally from Montana and Idaho and a lot of people there live on Native American reservations, so there is a lot of poverty.

“I understand the importance of when someone can’t afford something. I remember my dad, who also coached football, would buy some of his players football shoes when they couldn’t afford it,” said Chaske.

“He wouldn’t say anything, he wouldn’t make it known, but he would buy them football shoes and they would have them in their locker. So I learned that from my father, to give back.”

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  1. Awww.That's so nice of him.I want to kiss him , for being nice and down the Earth.

    But i don't remeber who he plays?Does anyone know which character he plays?

  2. WAHOO! Go Chaske! Good for you.

  3. @Renesmee he plays Sam. And I can't wait - his voice is ridiculous, it so deep and smooth.

  4. A nice reminder that kids remember what we do and it can have a long-lasting effect on them.

    Can't wait to see him as Sam!


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