August 18, 2009

Leah potential speaks on audition

For those of you who've not seen it, the Twilight Examiner has an interesting article on a potential for Leah:

Though the call for auditions closed at the end of June, no official announcement as to who will be Leah and Seth has yet to be released (though their father in the film, Harry, has been cast with Graham Greene).

In the meantime, one Leah hopeful had a sit-down with a local newspaper recently, discussing the process of her audition and how she feels about its progress at this point.

In that discussion, the young lady, 22 year old Kyla Bearheels, revealed that she was amongst the actresses called upon by the film’s casting staff to audition for the role.

Though she trekked the necessary route to audition for the part, according to Bearheels - a so-called veteran of the independent film world - her chances of being cast for the part are, at this point, slimming down quite a bit.

Read the full article here

- Lorabell

P.s. I heart this picture!


  1. i KNEW that grahame greene would turn up eventually as harry clearwater. that means i will probably cry. damn it. also i wish i was called bearheels.

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  3. The photographer who took the original picture is called lara jade coton btw!


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