August 6, 2009

KStew's "Yellow Handkerchief" on Epix

Who wants to see KStew doing a southern accent?! I DO I DO!

It seems KStews draw extends beyond the box-office - as part of an exclusive deal (i.e. to help bail a potentially flailing channel) Epix is going to be showing the Yellow Handkerchief...

1) Whoop for KStew fix!
2) Hopefully this paves the way for similar indieish movies - score :)

Thanks Twilight Examiner

- Lorabell


  1. Oh, this reminds me - - KStew's movie 'Speak' is going to be on the 'Lifetime' channel (I know, I know, ugh!) Saturday night at 9:00 pm (in the U.S.) in case anyone hasn't seen it.

  2. Hey thanx JennJam for the tip off! I've seen 'Speak' a long time ago but wouldn't mind seeing it again! Does anyone know whatever happened with that movie 'Welcome to the Riley's' staring Kstew?

  3. YW, THparkle. (p.s. I love your name, ha!!)

  4. I heart Kstew's moviesAugust 9, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    they're debating on whether or not to release it. Kristen's hoping that it is giong to be released but there seems to be a problem with the money..


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