August 10, 2009

KStew looking all kinds of kick-ass

Headed out of LAX and on her way to the Couve

Via Bauer Griffin

- Lorabell


  1. Wtf is with the Couve.... really people? Don't be lazy. V-A-N-C-O-U-V-E-R!

  2. actually that's what the cast calls Vancouver according to Kristen. =) Not laziness, bb.

  3. hmmm...look like rob's sunglasses....

  4. cool - she is wearing a Joy Division shirt

  5. That hairdoo is hopeless until the mullet grows out. Thank goodness for wigs.

    (diesel biker chick bella? lmao)

  6. I think it's cool that she is wearing a Joy Division shirt! Being a rabid fan of JD from my younger years (I still listen to them once a day) I hope its more than a fashion statement and that she can appreciate the musings of Ian Curtis and company... Also I feel the same about her Minor Threat T-Shirt... They sell these at Hot Topic now and I hope kids are actually listening to this music and appreciating the impact it had for music at the time.

    It's just hair, she's making the most of it I think, it is a mullet. LOL


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