August 23, 2009

KStew interview from Hollywood Crush

Hollywood Crush released a new article with KStew, talking about how "tragic" New Moon will be as well as her work on Welcome to the Riley's and Adventureland:

Kristen Stewart is a down-to-earth chick. She avoids the limelight, prefers to star in independent flicks and, as evidenced at the MTV Movie Awards, is kind of awkward. When most actors say the best part of being in a blockbuster hit like “Twilight” is the public recognition or fortune, Kristen said in a Q&A for the "Adventureland" DVD (out August 25) that it’s given her the opportunity to “do things that I really like, things like an independent movie nobody would normally see." Now, she laughs, "it’s like, ‘Oh let’s go see Bella in this stripper movie; it’ll be crazy!’”

She is of course referring to the film “Welcome to the Rileys,” which she costars in with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo as a troubled street kid who works at a strip club. And, while her role in the film has earned her some attention, the public’s attention is almost solely focused on the upcoming “New Moon.”

“I’m looking forward to all aspects of [“New Moon”]. A lot more is introduced, like the world of the werewolves comes alive, and the second movie is much more quaint,” Kristen shared. “Edward leaves her, which is interesting, considering the first movie is based entirely on their devotion to each other. So to see them cope without each other and to see this character, Jacob, who is supposed to represent light and warmth. He pulls her out of a rut that’s seemingly impossible. And it’s really tragic.”
Kristen emphasized the difference between “Twilight” and “New Moon,” saying “Twilight” was about ultimate love and abandon, but "it’s also kind of one note."
“New Moon,” on the other hand, is a “different story.” From the “Meet Jacob Black” trailer that was recently released, that certainly seems to be the case.

As for "Adventureland," Kristen said embraced her "introverted, damaged" character because she believed in her. "I like characters that are written, that are whole, that don’t feel it’s easy to tell what would be right and wrong and how they would feel about something." She also insists, "I’m not like the girl in the movie; she’s a real person."
I can not wait to see Kristen's other movies - I think she'll be outstanding in Welcome to the Rileys and love her tackling a comedy project in Adventureland (can not believe it's still not been out in the UK - gah!)

- Lorabell


  1. Here in Mexico Adventureland is not even out in theaters yet! :( but I already saw it in Internet (I LOVE the Internet) lol

  2. Oh Kristen, you always amaze me. I love you.

  3. Lorabell:
    That sux that its not even out in the UK yet?! Anyway, I saw in the theater. It was a good movie, not great but good. It was a mix of comedy AND drama. She has pretty hawt scene with Ryan Reynolds. I think she did a pretty good job of portraying a troubled, layered character.

  4. guys, i went to the cinema yesterday (im from the UK) and saw an advert for adventureland with kristen on it ;) (i also saw one for new moon and i made everyone stop and take pictures - i got some strange looks haha)

  5. Adventureland was hilarious. And if you haven't seen Kristen in, "Speak." You really need to. She is just awesome in it.


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