August 5, 2009

Peter Arrives in Vancouver while KStew & RPattz were (separately) spotted in L.A. :-)

See more pics of KStew leaving a medical building and PFach arriving in Vancity at Lainey Gossip!

P.S. RPattz is rumored to be in L.A. as well, according to Radaronline. (?? No pics, so...)

Thanks, AshleyTWA!


  1. I need pictures of Rob to believe it.

    I can see the rumors now: "Kristen getting a pregnancy check up, Rob there to support her"

    :0/ Poor Rob and Kristen

  2. What's the 'story' on the black ribbony-looking bracelet she's wearing?

    Is that for 'The Runaways?'

  3. No, JennJam. Those are Kristen and Rob's promise bracelets because they're soul mates. Teehee :P


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